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Saudi Arabia scholarship for Pakistani students


Saudi Arabia scholarship for Pakistani students ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia has introduced seven hundred funded scholarships for Pakistani students, enabling them to observe the top 25 universities throughout the dominion.


The embassy of Riyadh announced in a notification that the dominion could provide seven hundred completely funded scholarships for Pakistani college students to study for Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and PhD packages in 25 universities across Saudi Arabia, in step with the kingdom-run Associated Press of Pakistan (APP). Saudi Arabia scholarship for Pakistani students


“Previously the range of scholarships was six hundred, which has now been extended to 700,” the embassy assertion stated in a notification, in line with the APP.

Both classes of college students who are in Pakistan or legally staying in Saudi Arabia can follow for the scholarships through the web portal: https://studyinsaudi.Moe.Gov.Sa/


Prospective applicants can find out about the method and how to observe for the scholarship aid by visiting: https://studyinsaudi.Moe.Gov.Sa/


The country additionally supplied fully funded scholarships to six hundred Pakistani college students final year. Saudi Arabia scholarship for Pakistani students


The application protected tuition costs, a month-to-month stipend, lodging facility, go-back tickets, a 3-month furnishing allowance for married students, hospital therapy, and a month-to-month stipend of between 850 and 900 riyals.


Back in October this year, Australia’s University of Wollongong (UOW) extended its most prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship for Pakistan.


The Pakistan High Commission said in a statement that for the first time, an Australian university has offered such scholarships for Pakistan.

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