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What is Wordle & how to play it – Everything about the world-famous game

One of the most well-known word games available online is called Wordle. The New York Times owns Wordle, which has a sizable fan base. Because it’s free, it’s ideal for lazy days when you want to kick back on the sofa with a few games.

Wordle is a brand-new, entertaining software that challenges users to predict a five-letter word in six attempts every day. People are treating it as competition with their winning streaks because it comes with words every day.

Wordle: What Is It?

The daily word game Wordle requires you to identify a five-letter hidden word. To play, you must guess various five-letter words and compare your guesses to the secret word. The game color-codes each letter in your guess when you submit it, letting you know how close you were.

You are limited to playing one puzzle every day because the hidden word changes every day. Every player worldwide has access to the same secret word every day, so you can discuss the same puzzle with friends, family, or millions of random online users.

Josh Wardle, a software engineer and artist, made the game in 2013. Since he and his girlfriend enjoyed playing guessing games like Mastermind and crosswords, he first created Wordle for them to play together.

In October 2021, he made the decision to release the game for free. People started exchanging coloured emoji squares, or daily results, with one another.

In just a few months, Wordle had drawn in so many players from all over the world that Wardle, who had no desire to run a gaming company, wasn’t sure how to keep running the game.  He sold it to The New York Times in January 2022; the NYT is the organization behind numerous other popular word games, like the NYT Crossword and Spelling Bee.

How can I play Wordle?

It would be your task as a user to guess the five-letter word that is displayed on the screen. Additionally, you get a maximum of six chances to figure out the puzzle. The program will tell you which of your selected letters is present in the final target word and whether or not it is in the right location for each guess you make. In order to solve the riddle, you continue to make guesses. Recall that you will only possess.

Where can I play Wordle?

There is no Wordle app. It must be played through a web browser. To play, you must access the New York Times Games website.

The game was created by Josh Wordle, the founder of Wordle, and was once housed on the Wordle website. However, in February of this year, the New York Times purchased the game. Wordle’s greatest feature is that you may fully concentrate on your guessing game without any interruptions from advertisements.

How Does Wordle Work?

Those who have never played Wordle before may find it difficult at first, but it’s simple to pick up after a few plays. Let’s examine the guessing game’s guidelines.

How to Use Wordle Online

Wordle’s rules are extremely straightforward.

The goal is to correctly guess a five-letter secret word in the fewest guesses possible.

Type any five-letter word and hit Enter to submit your prediction.

Wordle permits predictions based on a dictionary of five-letter words, thus all of your guesses have to be actual words. A nonexistent term like AEIOU cannot be made up simply by guessing those letters.

The game will colour-code each letter in your guess to indicate how close it was to the letters in the concealed word as soon as you submit it.

  • A square that is grey or black indicates that this letter is completely absent from the secret word.
  • When a letter appears in a secret word but is positioned incorrectly within the word, it is shown by a yellow square.
  • When a letter is shown in a green square, it indicates that it appears in the secret word just where it should.
  • Receiving a green or yellow square indicates that you correctly identified a letter, which will put you one step closer to figuring out the actual hidden word.

Let us take an example where you predict “WRITE” and receive two green squares on the W and R, and grey squares on the I, T, and E respectively. Given that these words begin with the letter WR and don’t contain the letters I, T, or E, your next choice may be WRONG, WRACK, or WRUNG.

As an alternative, suppose you guess “WRITE” and receive two gray squares for the W, R, and I, and two green squares for the T and E. Given that these words finish in TE and don’t contain the letters W, R, or I, your next guess may be BASTE, ELATE, or LATTE.

Recall that there is no particular colour coding for letters that recur again, and the same letter may appear more than once in the secret word. Wordle won’t reveal to you that two letters—L and E—actually appear twice in the word you guess, for instance, if the secret word is BELLE.

You can attempt to guess the hidden word up to six times. The number of guesses required will determine the winning statement that the game will provide you with:

1 try: “Genius”

2 tries: “Exceptional”

3 attempts: outstanding”

4 tries: “Amazing”

5 tries: “Great”

6 tries: “Whoa”

Which Wordle Strategy Is the Best?

To try to win Wordle in the fewest number of tries, devise a plan that allows you to test frequently used English letters in the most frequently occurring positions within actual five-letter words.

Starting with a word that contains the most often used letters in five-letter English words, including A, E, S, T, R, and N, is a wise choice. Words like “crane” and “SLATE” are excellent places to start.

Some people like to begin with words like ADIEU or AUDIO that have as many vowels as possible.You can quickly determine which word increases your chances of receiving a green or yellow square on your first attempt.

Does Wordle Go For Free?

You can use Wordle without a New York Times subscription, and it is free to play. The quality part is that you won’t be distracted out of your gameplay by means of any classified ads.

When the New York Times bought Wordle from Josh Wardle, they selected to keep it free from charge even though lots of their other phrase games—just like the NYT crossword—require a membership.


In the give up, Wordle has emerged as a global sensation, fascinating gamers with its simplicity and mission. Our guide has furnished a thorough exploration of the sport, offering valuable insights into its mechanics and strategies. Whether you’re an amateur or aiming for a brilliant score, the arena of Wordle invites game enthusiasts to take pleasure in a delightful wordplay adventure. So, dive in, assign your linguistic prowess, and experience the fun of cracking the code on this cherished word-guessing exercise.

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