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What Jordan’s Queen Rania says about Palestinian?


Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan has referred to as for a ceasefire in Israel’s war towards Hamas, announcing that supporting the safety of Palestinian lives does no longer equal being antisemitic or pro-terrorism.


“Let me be very, very clear. Being seasoned-Palestinian isn’t being antisemitic, being seasoned-Palestinian does now not mean you’re seasoned-Hamas or seasoned-terrorism,” Rania told CNN’s Becky Anderson on Sunday.


“What we’ve visible in latest years is the fee of antisemitism being weaponized which will silence any complaint of Israel,” she said.


“I need to clearly and wholeheartedly condemn antisemitism and Islamophobia…however I additionally need to remind anyone that Israel does not represent all the Jewish humans around the sector. Israel is a state and is alone is chargeable for its personal crimes.”

Israel declared a “complete siege” on Gaza following the October 7 terror assaults by using Palestinian militant institution Hamas, which controls the coastal enclave.


Hamas killed extra than 1,four hundred people, frequently civilians, and took approximately 240 hostages, in step with the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) count.

The Israeli siege and accompanying bombing marketing campaign has visible Gaza pounded with relentless airstrikes, and a blockade of critical elements to two.2 million people dwelling in the isolated strip. As of Sunday, more than 9,seven-hundred human beings were killed in Israeli moves, in keeping with the Palestinian Minister of Health in Ramallah, using figures which are drawn from resources in the Hamas-controlled enclave.


At a summit on Saturday, attended by using US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Arab leaders called for a right away ceasefire, at the same time as Blinken repeated the USA position that a ceasefire could supply Hamas time to regroup for another attack on Israel.


The US is asking for “humanitarian pauses” within the fighting for aid to be added, but Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan stated Sunday that no pause became wanted because “there’s no humanitarian crisis.”


Queen Rania told CNN claims that a ceasefire will permit greater Hamas attacks is “endorsing and justifying” the death of civilians. Queen Rania says about Palestinian


“I understand that a few who are against the ceasefire argue that it’ll help Hamas. However, I sense that in that argument, they’re inherently disregarding the loss of life, in truth, even endorsing and justifying the loss of life of thousands of civilians, and that is simply morally reprehensible,” she stated. Queen Rania says about Palestinian


‘Avalanche of human struggling’ Queen Rania says about Palestinian

Israel has again and again entreated Palestinian civilians to move south of Wadi Gaza, the waterway that delineates north and south, because it intensifies its air and ground attacks throughout the strip. Queen Rania says about Palestinian


Israel’s ambassador to the USA Michael Herzog advised CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday that Israel is “making each effort” to get the civilian populace in Gaza “out of damage’s way.”



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