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Which Are The Top Websites To Download Tamil Movies For Free?

People can forget about their worries and relax by watching movies. When you watch a movie, you get involved in another person’s life and gain a wealth of knowledge. You can get renewed, updated, and full of energy by watching a movie. Certain films also affect you, make you reflect on your life, and open your eyes to new ideas about it. Although many people only watch Bollywood films, there are many excellent regional language films in Indian cinema. Kollywood, the Tamil film industry, is one of them.

An increasing number of people are looking for free websites to download Tamil movies since these films are becoming more and more famous throughout India. Here are some of the greatest websites for downloading Tamil movies for free, as the majority of these films aren’t available on any OTT platform.

Free Tamil movie downloads from unsafe sites may not be the greatest option because many scam websites exist that may be infected with viruses.

Many websites providing free Tamil movie streaming services may also be involved with piracy, which is the illegal sharing of private information. Piracy is a serious issue that may harm content creators and writers as well as the platforms that are approved by law to spread it. Here is a list of websites where you may watch Tamil movies online legally.

Which Are The Top Websites To Download Tamil Movies For Free?

Top Websites to Download Tamil Movies for Free

  1. Sun NXT

Sun NXT is among the most well-known websites for downloading Tamil movies. Sun Nxt provides live Tamil television, Tamil music videos, Tamil comedy videos, and Tamil news in addition to Tamil movies.

Popular categories such as “90s Hits,” “Thriller Movies,” “Kids Movies,” “Movies with Subtitles,” “Romantic Movies,” “Classic Movies,” “Action Movies in Tamil,” “Horror Tamil Movies,” etc.These are where you may find your favourite Tamil movies. Sun NXT contains a number of well-known Tamil film titles, including Beast, Kaaki Sattai, Lathi Charge, Thiruchitrambalam, and Naan Mirugamai Mara.

You must register in order to view Tamil or other Indian language movies on Sun Nxt. Moreover, all Tamil films are available for free watching, although with some in-between-content advertisements. However, a premium membership is also available which allows the downloading of Tamil films for offline watching.

  1. The Hotstar

Even though Hotstar is a premium video streaming service, the free plan gives you access to some media material. Here, you may watch TV series, sports, and movies on all the channels. You may watch live sports, news, and much more with it.

Hotstar offers a wide range of Tamil movies; simply go to the “Tamil” option inside the language area. Popular television series available on Hotstar include Cooku with Comali, Mouna Raagam, and Muthazhagu. Other than this, the majority of well-known Tamil films are available in Tamil, along with dubbed versions. For offline watching, all of these films may also be downloaded using the Hotstar app, which comes with a free plan.

  1. The Prime Amazon

Another site where Tamil movies may be seen and downloaded is Amazon Prime. Some well-known books are Karnan, Soorarai Pottery, Varisu, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru, and several others. Having said that, access to the material on Amazon Prime was previously limited to paying subscribers. Additionally, you may download your favourite Tamil films to watch offline on a mobile app after obtaining a subscription.

  1. YouTube Tamil Movies

One of the most reliable places to find Tamil movies is Youtube, the most widely used video streaming service. On the free platform Youtube, anyone may submit any kind of material. However, you simply cannot post any copyrighted content when it comes to professional movies.

Because these are removed as soon as you post any copyrighted content to the network. We are unable to discover many Hollywood or Bollywood movies on YouTube for free.

However, this isn’t the case for Tamil films. If you search for “Tamil Movies” on YouTube, you’ll discover a wide range of films that have been posted by well-known channels like Comedy One, Super Good Films, Kollywood Multiplex, and others. These Tamil films are available for free to watch on YouTube, and you can even download them to your phone so you can watch them offline.

  1. Zee5

Zee5 is one of the most well-known sellers of video-on-demand in India. Additionally, the site has a model of business called freemium, in which certain material is available for free to watch.For instance, you can watch the first few minutes of a movie or the first episode of a TV show for free, but you need to have a premium membership to see the whole episode.

In addition to Tamil movies, the Zee5 content collection also has films in English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi. Zee5 features a number of well-known Tamil films, including Vedha, Kaari, Karthikeya, Bimbisara, Valmai, and others. If you are having trouble deciding on a movie, you may easily check the rating, other user reviews, and the movie.

  1. Netflix

While it’s difficult to compete with platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix is slowly but surely attempting to increase its presence in India. As a result, you can now watch regional language films like Tamil big-budget films on the platform.

In addition, the platform produced several well-known original material, such Andhaghaaram and Jagame Thanthiram. In addition, several of your favourite films, such Super Deluxe and Mersal, are available directly on the platform. Any of the above mentioned Netflix titles can be downloaded to view at your convenience at any time with a premium membership. Additionally, Tamil movies may be downloaded for offline watching.

  1. SonyLIV

SonyLIV, the country’s first over-the-top service, launched in 2013. Even though it hasn’t expanded as fast as Hotstar since then, many people still find it to be a good option. The reason is that it offers a large selection of movies to its subscriber base, including ones in regional languages like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam.

There are also a few well-known Tamil titles like Freedom Fight, Appan, and Anal Mele Pani Thuli. Because it’s a membership site, you might have to pay to view some of the Tamil only material. But, you may watch select Tamil films and TV series for free as well. Additionally, there isn’t a big selection of Tamil movies on the platform. But, you may get good value for your money with certain good films.

Which Are The Top Websites To Download Tamil Movies For Free?


As we conclude our exploration of the pinnacle web sites without spending a dime on Tamil film downloads. It is important to emphasise the significance of the use of legal platforms. While the charm of unfastened content material is engaging, prioritizing criminal alternatives. You should ensure a responsible and sustainable technique for enjoying Tamil cinema. Choose wisely, stay knowledgeable, and indulge inside the wealthy cinematic reveal presented by using legitimate resources, contributing to the continuing increase of the film industry.

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