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Who is Notti Osama : How did Notti Osama Die?

Here is a timeline of the incidents involving Notti Osama, including with all the personal information from the fight, the most recent information about it, and fan tributes.

Last year, Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti Osama, was tragically involved in an event that resulted in his death. To find out more about him, what happened, who was brought to trial, and the most recent developments about this sad story, keep studying.

Notti Osama  : Who was he?

Osama was a Yonkers, New York-born drill rapper who was 14 years old. He was the youngest of six children, and as word of his passing spread, his brother DD Osama honoured him on social media. Osama, whose real name is Ethan Reyes, had moved to Yonkers’ Young Avenue from Harlem with his family. He may have gotten into a fight because of the rhyming style known as “drill rapping,” which includes insulting and teasing opponents.

What happened to Notti Osama?

On July 9, 2022, Osama got into another fight at a Manhattan subway stop and suffered a fatal stabbing. According to accounts, around 3 p.m. that day at the station, the 14-year-old got into a fight with an opponent who was 15 years old. The kids clearly had issues with one another, even though the cause of the fight remains unknown. At the crime site, police discovered a knife and a broomstick. They also revealed that the event was captured on video. Osama died in Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital following the tragic stabbing incident.

The event of Notti Osama stabbing explained

Martinez was apparently observed by Osama and two of his closest companions when they were walking around Hamilton Heights. Taking hold of a sweeper, Osama followed the accused person inside the metro station. Martinez pulled out a knife and stabbed Osama in the abdomen after they had trapped him and beat him with the broom. Osama was discovered by the police with stomach bleeding, and although being taken to the hospital immediately, he was declared dead.

At the crime place, police discovered a knife and broomstick, and the video footage helped them in identifying the attacker. People were shocked and saddened by the street dispute that turned into the tragic stabbing and murder, as they grieved the loss of a young man who was just starting out in the rap game.

Who were they who claimed Notti Osama’s death?

Police charged 15-year-old Kelvin Martinez with first-degree murder and unlawful possession after placing him under arrest. The charges against him were dropped once it became clear that Osama had trapped Martinez and attempted to kill him with a broomstick. Originally, he was charged with second-degree murder. Once at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, his stab wounds were diagnosed and treated.

Osama Notti was killed by whom?

Osama and Martinez, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, were “associates of rival gangs.” Richard Davey, president of MTA NYC travel, expressed gratitude to the NYPD detectives for their prompt and effective arrest of an individual in a statement. He continued, “That he and the person who died are said to have known each other further underlines this senseless nature of this tragic incident.”

Family’s response to the passing of Notti Osama

Osama’s brother DD Osama, a drill rapper as well, discussed his grief during an appearance on the TikTok channel What NYC Sounds Like. “I continued to wonder, ‘What if I stayed?'” He would actually be here today if I had just spent more time with him. If I were present during the incident , he would be here today. “He simply fell prey to the kind of sh*t that comes with living on the streets. It just so happens that he chose a musical path that leads to the transformation of art into murder. Had he pursued the career path of a pop singer or any other genre of art or music, he would have achieved enormous success. As it happened, the rapper’s chosen musical approach resulted in bloodshed being reciprocated,” Osama’s cousin Kelvin Ventura stated of the rapper.

“His desire to create music was constant. He and his other brother have always entertained us at Christmas gatherings, singing, dancing, and doing different things, as long as I can remember. He enjoyed dancing and singing, and being a performer was his love.” Osama’s cousin Lily Ortega remarked, “He was a very happy kid.” He was quite loving. He loved the time he spent with his family. You can see that people truly liked him for who he was, which makes us happy.”

An update on the shooting event

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office stated in October 2022 that all charges in the case had been dropped as it was impossible for the state’s side to challenge Martinez’s claim that she had acted in self-defense. The charges were officially ignored when a spokesman stated that the 15-year-old was defending himself when he held his knife against Osama. She continued by stating that witness interviews and photographic evidence were used to make the determination.

Notti Osama Fan Appreciation

Following Notti Osama’s unexpected death, admirers showered him with tributes on social media. Not only that, but his admirers in Manhattan held an evening vigil with candles in honour of the late performer.One of Osama’s buddies mentioned during the gathering that Notti really had a million-dollar smile. Others said that Reyes had what it takes to succeed as a rapper since he put in long hours of effort to meet his objectives. Social media filled up with Notti Osama fan condolences to lament the untimely death, from Tiktok to Twitter.

The relatives and friends of Reyes also went ahead and expressed their deepest sympathy on social media.

In summary

Rapper Notti Osama proved talented and promising, with a promising future. Unfortunately, a senseless act involving force that shocked and uprooted many people took his life. His legacy and ability will continue to be celebrated via his songs. Peace be with you, Notti Osama.

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