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Why Did Emma Argues With Principal Figgins: Everything You Need To Know

What caused Emma and Principal Finch to argue? And what is the focus of their arguments, together with their motto? Emma and Principal Figgins got into a heated argument about their different opinions on school policy. Their differences revolved around the involvement of students. in the decision-making procedures that have an impact on how the school runs. Emma thought that students need to be involved in these decisions.

Principal Figgins, on the other hand, underlined the need of sticking to rules and maintaining effective operations. Their primary goal in arguing was to get to a conclusion. It struck a balance between student involvement and legal observance. Emma Pillsbury, a guidance counselor at the school, is standing behind Principal Figgins. The subjects that come up have to do with the power and future of pupils. Emma Pillsbury spoke about her views clearly.

based on the fact that the educational system has to be improved. She questioned the strict rules that were in place. and put forth fresh concepts and answers to effect constructive change. Her focus was the pupils’ independence and general well-being. At first, Principal Figgins was in favor of the current educational system and the leadership style.

But in the end, awareness and skillful communication helped to overcome the issue. They decided to rethink the policies and establish new guidelines and action plans on their own. For the purpose of improving the educational system, they created new policies.

This article examines Emma’s disputes with Principal Friggin’s logic, solutions, and management techniques.

Why Did Emma Argues With Principal Figgins: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding Emma’s Argument With Principal Figgins

Emma and the principal got into a heated argument that seemed to go on forever.

However, the issue of why there are disputes arises?

Emma was certain that pupils need to be taught painting. as it shows their creativity. It makes it easier for us to comprehend their thoughts via art and craft. Principal Figgins, on the other hand, objected, believing it to be unnecessary. Additionally, the money spent could be better used elsewhere.

Emma raised a good point on the significance of sexual activity education for pupils. Gaining knowledge about gender and sexual education. Make it simpler for students to work together and manage partnerships. However, Principal Figgins found it awkward to speak openly about such a delicate subject in front of everyone.

Emma made an effective argument for the distribution and use of school funding. She thought that funding extracurricular activities for kids, such debate teams, acting organizations, and athletics, is important.

Emma highlighted how important it is to use logical techniques. and resolving disputes between teachers and students by applying renewable justice strategies. Principal Figgins, however, continues to support strict methods. where mistakes result in quick removal.

Rules Followed To End The Argument

Emma disputes with major characters; a significant issue requires respect to these fundamental guidelines.

Identification Of A Serious Problem

When the issue is serious, both sides have to accept and understand one another’s worries. when both sides make the effort to listen to and understand the points of view of the other.

Open Conversation

In order to clear up confusion, honest and open communication is important. They help in creating the road for respect and understanding between people. Respect for one another is essential to have an honest and pleasant


Examine Policies again

changing current rules and taking students’ needs into account. Both are important steps in establishing a safe and positive atmosphere. Putting the security and well-being of kids is crucial.

Creating a New Proposal

To make sure of the new policies’ effectiveness. It would be helpful to draft a clear plan. The specific duties and stages can be outlined in this proposal. They had to put the new policies into effect and assign new duties to various parties.

Why Did Emma Argues With Principal Figgins: Everything You Need To Know

Improving the System of Education

As we work to enhance the educational system, we must lead by example in the classroom. It’s also essential to establish a welcoming atmosphere where each kid feels heard.

How To Deal With Educational Standards And Principles

Emma and Principal Figgins disagree because Figgins failed to consider the rules and regulations pertaining to education.

The principal of the school should place a high priority on the growth and welfare of the pupils, making them the centre of attention.

It’s important to develop policies that take students’ needs into account. They are capable of guiding pupils from various backgrounds.

Every student should have equal rights, and equality should be a basic rule. Given the chance to voice their views to the professors and the system of education.

In the classroom, educators ought to be allowed to use their professional judgement. To build trust and understanding among those who matter, they must communicate in a way that is open and honest.

Establishing trust and maintaining open lines of communication are essential to providing a positive learning environment for all participants.

In summary

Emma concludes the heated discussion by saying that principals are very confident in school policies. They are both really passionate about their roles. Emma was certain that pupils ought to be included in decisions that have an impact on how the school operates.

Principal Figgins, on the other hand, was a firm believer in upholding the law and making sure everything ran well. The people in each of the two positions devised a solution. And by using active listening techniques, you may quickly reach an agreement.

They made decisions about the new operating procedures for the school. Teachers and students would work together to produce it. Students gain a sense of responsibility in this way. Additionally, people are free to voice their opinions.

We learn from this argument how important it is to communicate better. Address issues and discover solutions by actively listening, showing empathy, and showing respect. We may satisfy one another’s wants and win the conflict by being aware of one another’s needs.

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